My turn to sleep in.

Every weekend, my husband and I each get a day to sleep in, and this weekend, Steve took J to wander around a bit in downtown Pittsburgh. This is their special thing. There's bountiful free parking, relatively empty streets, a bagel shop, fountains, and best of all, our little 2 year old gets to see lots of buses, buildings and bridges, her view unobstructed by big adult legs.

So this Sunday morning, I woke up to the most wonderful, collaborative note slipped under our bedroom door. It contains evidence of so many things I love:

   my husband's loose-brained approach to writing, drawing, & filling up a piece of paper

   my daughter's concentration face and deliberate mark-making.

   and, of course, evidence of their special outings and my catch-up sleep.

(Not pictured: the screaming and moaning that we listened to after we told her no, you can't unroll the entire roll of toilet paper.)


Slug Drawing

My Existential Toddler