It's so blue out!

I cannot explain the head-to-toe joy I felt today when my daughter and I stepped outside and she threw up her arms, saying "It's so blue out!" Her other new spring phrases are "no need coat! spring! spring!" and "purple flowers starting open!" She can spot a purple flower down the block, around the corner, and in the sewer grate.

Despite her decision to lie down on the floor in the middle of the library (to assert her desire to check out more videos) 6 inches from a very tall man who was trying to figure out the self-checkout machine, we had a peaceful day together.

We took a number of photos, as a part of my attempt/longing to cultivate my own creative moments alongside hers. It's funny how our visual interests overlap and diverge. She held a mirror in her hand today and called it a camera. There's rich territory there that will take some time to explore, perhaps after a bit more sleep.

My 2 year old is into monochromes. This makes up for all the Dora books I've had to read lately.

Tree rings and digger trucks