As a librarian and an artist, I enjoy the accidental nature of looking for one thing, and finding something else. I hope that you have found my blog in this serendipitous space. I imagine my visitors looking for a recipe, but then stumbling upon my photographs of a flour-covered kitchen table, alongside my writing on messes, reality, and baking oatcakes with my toddler, or googling "floodlights," and then following a google search ad link to my writing on boundary crossing and language in Hats, Glasses and Floodlights.

Mark-making is the core of my work. I photograph marks that happen as a result of work in daily life, such as concrete repairs, snow piles, or simply wiping dust off my desk. I take rubbings and tracings and find methods of mediating my own deliberate mark-making.

For years I've been setting myself up to vanish as a mark-maker, to step outside of my activities; and now, as a parent, I'm both more in them and even more invisible. I've come to see mark-making as a way of relating to people and surroundings.

In addition to writing, photography, and drawing, I have a regular practice of knitting and sewing. They are incredibly important practices for me, mainly because the process is repetitive, useful, and creates a space of cultivated distraction.

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