To my daughter, drawing means having her foot traced. For me, I'm always devising strategies for making drawings. We're a good match. I share her desire to trace objects, especially objects in motion. This has prompted me to keep a little drawing kit in each room, so that we can work on drawings together without a lot of set-up. She places objects on the paper, then tries to play with them or move them before I've traced all the way around the object.  Strawberry smears, crumbs, kneaded eraser bits, and stray marks all find their way into the drawings.

Exquisite Corpse / 40th birthday

When my husband turned 40, we celebrated by planning an exquisite corpse party. Exquisite Corpses can be drawings, collage, writing, anything really. It is a Surrealist party game/art-generating procedure. One person starts by folding the paper, and drawing on the first portion. Another person adds to the drawing, and so on.  A few of our friends started several drawings/collages and mailed them to us, and we added to them at the party. To learn more, find this book at your library: A Book of Surrealist Games. And the Wikipedia article is not bad.

Whitney Avenue Art  Gallery (WAAG) "Houses in Waiting"

During the summer of 2010, I worked on a community-based public art project called "Houses in Waiting" in Wilkinsburg, PA.  Lazae LaSpina spearheaded the project, Ernest Bey led the youth workshop and I led the adult workshop. It was an energizing summer thanks to all the community members and neighbors who participated.

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Interview with Sketch Pages

What is the relationship between your art and everyday life? How did you become interested in the intertwining of the two? 

Observation and improvisation (seem to) play significant roles in your process. Can you talk about what you are looking to happen for a piece to evolve?

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During the spring of 2009, I participated in a Gestures exhibition at the Mattress Factory. While wearing work gloves, I ran my hands over the brick, stone, and concrete walls, rusted metal, boulders, crevices, plants, etc.  The gloves got more and more worn each day, thinning and softening. Holes appeared in the fingertips and several seams ripped. 

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