My daughter came to know drawing by having her foot traced. It must have been one of the first things we did when she was getting to know crayons. She is 18 months old now, and she still presents her foot when we get out crayons and paper.  I admit I have been cultivating her desire to trace around objects. Its become a way of making drawings for me. It may sound funny, "way of making drawings" but I've consistently been experimenting/searching for ways of making drawings for years, trying to find ways of making drawings come from their environment, yet acknowledge the drawer. This "way" is particularly fun. We trace her foot, her hands, toys, food bits and smears, doll hair, and of course the little bits of kneaded eraser she likes to rip apart. We make marks together, back and forth, while sitting on the floor. We have several sheets of paper going at once, getting crumpled and bent and whatnot.

As we've been working on these together, I've been thinking about a few things:

  • access - she gets full access to pencils and paper, with no real restrictions. How wonderful that must feel.
  • erasing- when will she get into that? will it be mind-blowing the way making marks was for her?
  • two-sided drawings - she of course has no preconceptions about drawings being on one side of a piece of paper. We're starting to play with that a bit more.

Seedling markers: dirt, salts, and popsicle sticks.

The Chair